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Introduction: Flame Ejectors/Tiki Torches

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Seven feet tall, these propane-powered Tiki Torches don't give off as much black soot and will run all day without refilling that nasty lamp oil. PLUS, push the buttons on the remote control and launch fireballs into the sky, just like the Wizard of Oz! The video shows assembly and parts required. Perfect for your toga party, luau or hog roast.

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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Very cool, could you make a smaller version?
    I’m an artist and have a Pele sculpture that I’m making (10 pre-orders now) and want to include an option for a RF Remote controlled flame or Tiki Torch.

    I would like to hook up to a small camping type propane canister and have option to hook up to use a large canister if necessary? Hose would only need to be 35” from top module to canister. All self contained with a bracket to screw module onto Peles hat (3” rad round top), hose to canister below (hidden by Pele’s fiberglass half shell, open in back) on to canister and hit remote for torch. Be nice if I could get flame volume control? Hit one button on remote for small, med to large flame?
    Is this possible to do cost effectively? If so I could use some right now and 2 or 3 a month up to 10 a month.
    Thank You Buzz