Flame Grilled Oreo Cookies - S'Mores Are Gonna Hate This One.




Introduction: Flame Grilled Oreo Cookies - S'Mores Are Gonna Hate This One.

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Many great things happen by accident. This one is no exception!

Flame grilled OREO cookies.

We went camping or glamping as the case may be in our Airstream motorhome. Dinner was winding down. The sausages were eaten, the beans history, nothing but crumbs in the chips bag. Nothing but the marshmallows left roasting on the open fire. The chocolate has melted and graham crackers all gone. Someone still had the munchies and a perfectly good fire. What else is there to grill? Not lollipops, not guacamole, not the oranges either. All we had left were OREOS. What an amazing surprise!!!

Step 1: Get Your Ingredients!

You don't need much.


Long wire grill forks

a good gentle fire

Lucky us... we had Double Stuf!!!

Carefully rest the OREOs on your grilling fork and set over the low flames of your campfire making sure they do not directly get flamed.

Step 2: RELAX.

Good things come to those who wait. While you can take them off the fire right away, you won't know what you are missing. Relax. Look for the space station flying overhead. Where is the moon? Are there any shooting stars? Do you hear an owl? Howl like a coyote. See how many howls you get back. :-)

Step 3: Open Them Up and Explore the Sweet Creamy Goodness!

Once the middle has melted you can open them up and savor the flavors!

I really enjoyed the soft yet crunchy, smokey, gooey goodness that was created. Truly elevating the iconic confection to the next plateau.

What else can you put on them? More chocolate? Marshmallows? We tried fresh picked black berries.

Thank you for reading about my instructable. If you enjoyed it, give it a favorite and a vote!

Happy Camping!

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    1 year ago

    you should add this in the barbecue/grilling challenge :)


    5 years ago

    I've always dunked Oreo's in milk... never thought to try them warmed up! Thanks for sharing