Flame Stitch Bargello

Introduction: Flame Stitch Bargello

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The flame stitch is one of the easiest bargellos in needlepoint. It is a basic repeat pattern that you can tailor to your preferences.

The necessary supplies are: needle, mesh canvas, and a variety of embroidery thread.

Step 1: Stitch Up 4 Rows

This first stitch starts your pattern. You almost always stitch vertically with bargellos and this holds true for flame stitch. Enter the canvas, bring needle up 4 rows before stabbing needle to the back.

Step 2: Start Next Stitch Up 2 Rows

The next stitch will start 2 rows up from your prior stitch. It will again cross over 4 rows. Continue this ladder up until you reach your desired height and then reverse the process in descent.

Step 3: Continue the Pattern

Now you simply continue up and down, following the pattern across the canvas, repeating colors or changing up colors with each new row.

Flame stitch, voilà

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