Introduction: Flaming Thor Helmet

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This is a remake of my Flaming Fedora for the Heroes and Villains contest. The fire hat concept is very versatile and can be applied to almost any type of headwear. This time I chose Thor. The winged helmet is an inspiration in itself, why not make it better with fire?

Step 1: Get Your Parts

You need to figure out if you are going with one or two flame tips. In this case, I was building two helmets with two tips each. You will see the pneumatic push fittings, brass compression fittings and pneumatic mufflers. The pneumatic mufflers are to make the flames windproof.

Thinking out loud:

If I make any more of these hats, I am going to try my hand at soldering the pneumatic mufflers to the tubes. Hopefully this will help save a few bucks and weight.

Step 2: Assembly

With your flame tubes assembled, it is time to install them on your helmet. I like to use metal components for mounting due to heat concerns. When mounting the lower section of the tubes, it is okay to use zip-ties as there is little heat transfer down the tubes. Additional instructions and details are available on the Flaming Fedora ible.

Stay safe and be very aware of your surroundings.

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