Flamingo Christmas Ornament

Introduction: Flamingo Christmas Ornament

Looking back at our ornaments, the best ones are homemade ones, or the ones with a story.
However, if they look too fancy then nobody will know that they are home made!
Below are the materials list and directions on how to make a hula skirt wearing flamingo Christmas ornament!
Please post any pictures if you end up making your own ornaments! I'd love to see them! :)

- Foam sheets (1 8.5inx11in) preferably pink and orange, other colors are fine as long as you have some paint to make them whatever color you want! I found a pack of smaller foam sheets at the dollar store.
- Clear plastic ornaments (I got mine on sale at a craft store for about 50 cents each)
- Fuchsia and Black acrylic paint and a paint brush and a plastic cup with water in it
- Hot glue gun or Elmers (Be careful with this,  I would recommend putting the glue on the foam and then sticking the foam to the ornament. When I tried putting the glue directly from the glue gun onto the ornament it caused for some melting plastic/ shape changing to the ornament... lesson learned)
- Green ribbon
- Googly eyes

1. Paint the clear ornament with the fuchsia paint and let it dry completely.
2. Cut out enough green ribbon to wrap around the entire ornament and have about 1/4 inch to spare.
3. Next cut out one inch pieces of the green ribbon and glue them with the hot glue gun onto the back of the piece of longer ribbon you cut out in step 2. This will be the hula skirt.
4. Put little dots of glue on the inside of the green ribbon hula skirt and stick it to the now pink ornament.
5. Cut out legs from the orange foam sheets. You can mark little lines on the legs if you would like to give them some detail. Glue them to the bottom half of the ornament and onto any part of the hula skirt that touches the top of the leg.
6. With the pink foam, cut out two "hearts" with three lobes for the wings of the flamingo. If you need to, remember to paint the pieces before gluing them above the hula skirt.
7. For the neck and head of the flamingo I would suggest drawing the shape on a piece of paper before you cut it out from the foam piece (it took me a few tries to get it right even on the paper!). Once you find a good head shape, cut out two of these pieces. Glue them together but only as far as the top of the neck. Again remember to paint them if you need to. Add the googly eyes, and spread open the bottom part of the neck pieces and glue them to the ornament right on or very close to the hanger on the ornament.
8. You can also add more things to you flamingo like a red and white scarf or a Santa's hat! :)

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    That's adorable! Right up my alley. This year I felt sorry for bats who were left out of the "angry birds" hype, so my ornament is an angry bat. : ) 


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Hahaha I love it!!! Great job and thanks for posting! :)