Introduction: Flamingo Fascinator

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Be the life of the party this summer with this fabulous flamingo fascinator!

This fun accessory is lightweight and colorful - a great addition to any summer outfit!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need to gather:


Pink tulle,

Thick and thin pink ribbon,

Glue gun (Low temp because you may have to press on some pieces)

Headband (color of your hair)

Plastic flamingo figurine

Pink feathers of different sizes

Green felt

Green decorative grass

Styrofoam piece or wadded up news paper

Plastic Lid 5-6" diameter

Step 2: Making the Base

First, use a your lid or a compass to draw a circle and then draw one pointed edge off of that and extend the other side out to make the shape a little more oblong (see picture).

Cut your shape and then draw six spots where you will cut slits into the base. These slits will help give the base a more curved shape.

Cut your slits and then hot glue to give the base some dimension.

Take wadded up newspaper or a piece of foam and hot glue it into your cardboard base.

Cut your plastic lid to fit the inside and hot glue on top of the foam or paper and then to inside edges.

Cut out green felt to fit the top of your base and hot glue it on the underside for a snug fit.

Trace the base on the felt for a finishing piece for the bottom of the base. Trim so that there is no overhang. Hot glue in place.

Step 3: Adding Feathers and More Decoration

Now, it's time to start adding the fancy pieces!

First, cut out a tear drop shape piece of cardboard. Roughly, 3" long. Make a bed in this piece about 1" - 1 1/2" near the pointed end of the piece (see picture). Start hot gluing pink feathers in a fan arrangement on the front and back of the cardboard. Make it look clean by hot gluing and wrapping a wide ribbon around the base of the feathers. Take the exposed cardboard and hot glue and hold it on to the green felt base.

Add a little tulle puff by gathering 2 feet of tulle fabric and tying in the middle. Fold that over and the tie securely. Hot glue the puff next to the feather fan.

If you have prearranged feather puffs You can also hot glue them near the base of the feather fan.

Gather some decorative grass and wrap a scrap piece of green felt around the base use a dab of hot glue to keep secure. Pierce a little hole in your base and then carefully jam the base of the grass into the hole. Make as many tufts as you like.

Make some ribbon loops and hot glue along the edge of the feather fan.

Step 4: Adding the Flamingo!

Hot glue some green felt around your flamingo's existing base and hot glue the entire base where you would like it.

Step 5: Attaching to Headband

Look to see where you want the fascinator positioned on the headband.

Cut a green piece of felt and hot glue it over the headband where it will hold the base to the head band. Use a lot of hot glue if necessary and hold firmly. Keep the desired angle in mind during this process.

Step 6: Done!

Wear your new headpiece with pride!

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