Flannel Shirt to Great Warm Skirt




Introduction: Flannel Shirt to Great Warm Skirt

Here is how to take a warm flannel shirt and make it into a great skirt. This is a great way to up-cycle a warm shirt.

Step 1: Flannel Shirt to Great Warm Skirt

Take a flannel shirt...

Step 2: Cut

Cut off the arms and neck/shoulders sections

Step 3: Fit to Body

Turn the shirt inside out and fit and pin to your body. Once you have pins in place connect the pins with a chalk mark.

Step 4: Sew Along Chalk Marks

Sew along the chalk marks.

Step 5: Waist

Fold over the top edge of the skirt and insert darts for a fitted waist.

Step 6: Wear Skirt

Hem the bottom.

Put skirt on and wear it!

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