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in this project you will build a game where you launch a ping pong ball in to hoops for points. after you build this game you can create spin offs and get creative with your design. I hope you enjoy building this.


1. Scotch tape or Elmer's glue ( I used Scotch tape )

2. Scissors

3. 2, 12in X 12in pieces of corrugated card board

4. 1-3 ping pong balls

5. rubber band

6. 1 plastic drinking cup

7. 4 pencils

8. 1 Sharpie you can use any color ( I used black )

9. a few sheets of Paper, again you can use any color

10. three white note cards

Step 1: Creating the Launcher

the launcher is the thing that you will use to launch the ping pong ball

  • Draw a line 2 in from the writing end of 4 pencils and cut that part off with a pocket knife or saw them.
  • Tape together the shorter pieces side by side, then tape the longer pieces together.
  • You now have three rectangular pieces of taped together pencil.
  • Grab your plastic cup and cut off the bottom deep enough so the ping ping can roll around in it, but not so deep that it can't easily be picked up.
  • Tape the cup bottom on to the writing end and give enough space on the end so you can fit your finger tip on it.
  • Stack the smaller pieces and place the cup bottom piece vertically , connect the pieces with a rubber band - do this by looping it around the bottom of the stack, and a corner diagonal to it. Repeat this on the other side so you have a X pattern.

Step 2: Creating the Hoops

this will tell you how to make the hoops that will be used as a target

  • Take the three note cards and fold them hotdog style.
  • Then use the scissors and cut along the folded line.
  • You now have 6 strips of paper; take 2 and tape them together at the small ends.
  • This will form a hoop.
  • Get artistic and put a design on them! I put vertical and horizontal lines on mine.

Step 3: The Back Board

the back board will hold the hoops and will have a spot for the launcher.

  • Grab the two parts of card board and cut three 1in x 1in, one 1 in x 2in, one 12in X 3.5 in, one 11in x 8.5in, and one 7in x 4in
  • After you have these pieces of carboard, tape or glue a piece of paper that has been cut to 11in x 8.5in.
  • After taping the piece of paper, place the hoops in a triangle with two of them near the bottom and one closer to the top.
  • Then take the three 1in x 1in and the 1in x 2in and take either the 1in side or the 2in side separating the compressed pieces.
  • Roll up pieces of tape and put them under the separated area. Put these pieces on the board so that when you make the hoop on the top it falls into one of the lower hoops.
  • Use the other 1in x 1in and the 2in x 1in piece and put them on the sides so they will redirect missed shots into the lower hoops.
  • Then take the 12in x 3in piece and use it to prop up the board. Look at the pictures at the top of the step to see what it should look like.
  • Take the 7in x 4in and tape it to the launcher with the small pieces extruding from the side of the launcher.

Step 4: Finish Your Structure!

build on!

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