Introduction: Flapper - Volcano Ash Door Shield

Volcano ash is harmful to your property and difficult to keep out of your house. These instructions will let you make a very inexpensive and easy to install "Flapper" to help keep the ash out.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

  • 3m Dual lock #SJ4570
  • Velcro Industrial Strength #90953 $8.97 at Lowes ·
  • Vinyl plastic sheet
    • Home Depot $15.97 model # v4825/4A
    • My (Clear Vinyl Fabrics) 1 yard $7.75 ·
  • Duct Tape

  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape

Step 2: Measure Door Frame

Measure the door frame width, inside to inside. Then height from top to floor.

Step 3: Cut Strips

Cut the longest part of the plastic to the height of the door frame. For a standard 36 inch wide door frame cut 15; 3 inch strips of plastic.

Step 4: Layout Strips

Take 8 strips (if using 15 total) and lay them on a flat surface with approximately a 1.75 inch gap.

Step 5: Place Second Layer

Overlap the rest of the strips evenly over the gaps.

Step 6: Duct Tape

Cut a strip of Duct tape the width of your door frame (36 inch) then apply it across the top of the strips of plastic.

Step 7: Apply Dual Lock

Attach dual lock or Velcro to the duct tape strip.

Step 8: Apply Door Frame Dual Lock

Apply the oposite side of the Velcro or dual lock to the door frame.

Step 9: Hang the Flapper!

Now you can hang your flapper to the door frame.