Introduction: Flapping Bird

You really just need square paper. whatever color is fine, origami is cool too, because of the many different patterned types you can find.

Step 1: Preparing Your Paper

To prepare your paper, first you are going to fold it in half from corner to corner. Then you are going to fold it

in half the opposite way, from side to side. remember, the colored side you want OUTSIDE, will be the inside of the first fold. step two now open your paper flat. fold it the Opposite way in half, but this time side to side, NOT corner to corner.

open it again, and it will look like this!!

Step 2: Step 3

step three. this can get tricky. take the two corners that want to fold to each other and bring them together. now fold the paper down flat. it should look like this :

Step 3:

now it gets harder. So with the opening part down, fold the side corner inside, until its parallel to the center. it

will look like the side of a kite. now do the same to the other side.

Step 4: Step 4

take the top point and fold it down over the two sides to make a crease. now open. open the inside bottom corner and pull it up. it should naturally want to fold on the crease you just made.

see picture.

Step 5: Step 5

turn the whole piece over, and run through steps 4-6 again. If youve done it right it will look like the last pic

Step 6: Finish

holding it flat, your going to take the bottom point and turn it inside it self as you bring it up to

the side.

now we do it again on the other side.

the final step is to take the side that is more messed up, and turn it into the head. your final should look smoething like the last pic.