Introduction: Flappy Bird

Today I will be explaining how to successfully download and use the Flappy Bird application.

Step 1: Power On

First, look at the bottom of the phone screen. there is a circular button. Press it, then press in again after a second or so.

Step 2: Password

A screen will appear with numbers in circles. Press the buttons in this order: 1, 2, 3, 4. This will unlock the phone.

Step 3: App Store

Once in the phone, there will be an app the says app store underneath it. It is blue and has an A on it. Click it.

Step 4: Search

Once in the app, there will be an icon bar at the bottom. On the far right, there is a magnifying glass. Click that.

Step 5: Search Bar

At the top of the search page, the word "SEARCH" will be displayed. Under it, a gray box with the words "App store" will be displayed. Click that.

Step 6: Typing.

Once you press that, a keyboard will appear. Type in "FLAPPY BIRD." Then hit search at the bottom of the keypad.

Step 7: Dowload

Once you search, the app will appear with a few others. Find the one that says flappy bird.

Step 8: Download Continued

One you find it, there should be a button beside it that says "GET." Press it and the app will download.

Step 9: Getting to the App

Once the download begins, press the button in the bottom middle of the phone again to get to the home screen.

Step 10: Getting to the App Continued

Once you are back to the home screen, there will be many apps. Press the one that has the green background and yellow bird on it. It may still be loading and have a semi circle around it. Just wait for it to finish before clicking the app.

Step 11: Opening App.

Once you press the app, a loading screen will appear, wait for it to finish.

Step 12: Ad

An ad will appear. Sometimes it will be a video, if so wait for it to finish, then press the "X" that will appear in the top corner. If it is not a video, just click the "X."

Step 13: Press Play

After you get out of the ad, a play screen will pop up. Press the button with a sideways triangle inside.

Step 14: How to Play

Once you press play, you will see a bird in the middle of the screen. Your goal is to keep it alive by tapping. Keep in from hitting the ground and top of screen.

Step 15: The Pipes

After you begin clicking, you move to the right. pipes will appear with a gap in them. Your goal is to maneuver through the pipes without hitting them. Hitting them will kill you.

Step 16: Death

When you die, a few buttons will pop up. A box in the middle tells you your score and high score. The buttons at the bottom are to play again and the other is to look at the public leader board.

Step 17: Play Again.

To play again just click the triangle button. Then restart the process. That's really the whole game.

Step 18: Rage

While playing this game, you may experience high levels of anger. That is completely normal, but try to control it. We do not want to have any broken devices on our hands.

Step 19: Share Your High Score.

To share your high score, just click the stair step looking button after you die. it will bring you to a screen where you just click the "SEND" button to share.

Step 20: Have Fun

This game is a great time consumer and something to compete against with your friends. Play it whenever you have free time, but remember not to play it too much. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!!!