Flash Wars




Introduction: Flash Wars


The game of semi-realistic warfare in which you create a battle scene at night in a forest with your Boy Scout Troop.

I know my past versions of this have been a little vague, but this one will take me more than 30 minutes to make.

In this version, you will use flashlights as weapons.  This is similar to manhunt as one of my friends said, while another compared it to night time ranged warfare.  

I will be presenting this at my next Troop campout.  Please dont put me into a state of hiding with extremely harsh comments, I'm trying my best here people.

Step 1: Call to Arms: the Selection of Flashlights and How to Choose Sides.

The Armament selection is difficult at best.  OK, here's how it goes,  it all depends on how you want to fight.

Class I:  I have 1 Class I light in my personal armoury.  The first picture shows my light.
These lights are great all-rounders and are perfect standard infantry lights.  They have great range and weight, but are only allowed to fire as fast as you can click them.

Class II:  These lights are rarely found.  They are light machine guns.  Fast, light, and strong, these lights are best for the defender.  The only downside is that they have a small range.
This is picture #2.

Class III:  Smaller versions of the Class I.  Pic # 3

Class IV:  These are the Heavy Weapons of Flash Wars.  They are big, short and stocky.  They can only fire once every 3 seconds and take literally 2 seconds to reload.  Picture #4.

Class V:  These are the optional lights.  These are the Spotlights that are VERY expensive, VERY long range and can fire once every 10 seconds.  No Picture.

Class VI:  These are the pistols, short range and light.  Picture numero 5.

Step 2: Selection of the Commander's Troops

First of all, let me get this drilled into your mind, the Commander should be a well known individual in your group, maybe a guy who knows strategy games, or a wingman's leader.  Just make sure that the person can work under pressure.  The defenders should, by default, have the advantage of numbers.

The Process:  Just line up as if you are 1st graders picking teams for kickball, or, if you are feeling confident, go by voluntary response and let the troops pick their Commanders.

Step 3: How the Kill System Works

It's the most basic of the series.  If you get a light to shine on you, you're dead, and don't worry, everyone else knows you're dead too!  If you don't get this, you've been living under a rock.  PERIOD.  It means you've been shot, or Vaporized, or decimated, or whatever you'd like call it.

Step 4: The Moderator

This is typically a battle-hardened, exprenced trooper who knows what he is doing.  The Moderator will need to keep hand-to-hand to a minimum at worst.  In fact, that rule will be later.  Going on.  The Moderator will also need to tell the more stubborn troops when they are out.

Step 5: What NOT to Do:

Fight hand to hand
Lie about being killed
Attempt to break an enemy light, this will get you one or more fists in your mouth.
Throw your light at someone
Get mad

Step 6: When 2 People Say They Shot at the Same Time

they are BOTH ruled DEAD

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