Introduction: Flash Disk Background

This instructibles will make your flash disk more 'personalized'. you can use any picture you want.
the end result will be viewable from any pc you plug your flash disk into, as long as it's Windows XP. you only need notepad to code it.

Then you can show off anywhere :)

Step 1: Preparing the Picture

Of course, you must have a flash disk to do this. once you plug in the flash disk and open it using explorer, make a folder named "background" or anything else. put any picture you want in that folder, remember the folder and the picture's name, then right click at the folder, click properties, then check the box beside "hidden" to make it invisible, making your flash disk looks tidy. You can also place the picture you want to use in any folder you want, even in existing folder. The only difference is the coding of the desktop.ini file at the next step.

Step 2: Coding the Desktop.ini

Now right click anywhere in the flash disk, (not in the folder you've just created) and click new, then click text document. Just ignore the new document's name (New Text Document) because it will be deleted later. Open it using notepad and use these code for the template:


Then save it as Desktop.ini and delete the old New Text Document.txt
other filenames will not work.
See picture for notes on editing the code.

Step 3: Making Your Own Color

The Color Codes:
It uses different code from usual HEX color codes.
the codes is 0x(first pair of digit is blue)(second pair of digit is green)(third pair of digit is red)
so for example 0xFF0000 is Blue.

some of the codes that i know is:
0x000000 = black
0xFFFFFF = white
0xFF3300 = blue
0xFFFF00 = light blue
0x33CC00 = green
0xCC0099 = Violet
0x9900FF = pink

Making your own color
1. use paint (the one bundled with windows) and use "define custom color"
2. see the number at the right corner of the color window, convert all of the color to HEX. (I use scientific calculator)
3. use the method defined in the color codes section up there

Just use photoshop if you have one. Ihe HEX code will be displayed. Just orientate it so the last pair of hex will be the front one, and add 0x in the front
ex. if the photoshop shows #0000FF Convert it to => 0xFF0000

Step 4: Then You're Done!

You're done. You can show off at your school's computer lab, in your friend's home or even in your office.

If you know more about this or just reporting a bug, then post it down there at the comments section.
Have fun!

ps: don't forget to rate it :)

Step 5: Additional Notes and Disclaimer

Additional Notes
- I'm sorry if you think my English is bad.
- This is my first Instructables, so take it easy.

This Instructables is only tested on windows XP SP2. you can test it on other SP or OS but, You Have Been Warned.

If this Instructables make watery eyes because of not blinking when viewing this Instuctables, make your computer errors out, make your whole pc blows out, make your home surrounded by FBI and arresting you, destroys your home, makes a hydrogen bomb in front of you and exploded, destroying your whole continent, exploding the earth, or even ends the whole universe in a blink of an eye,
then i will not be responsible of such thing.