Flash Light Mod for GoPro Camera Rig

Introduction: Flash Light Mod for GoPro Camera Rig

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In my "D.I.Y PVC GoPro camera rig" instructable, I suggested that you can add lights to it. This is what i meant.

Link for the "D.I.Y PVC GoPro camera rig" = https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-PVC-GoPro-Filming-Rigfor-less-then-20/

This modification requires some sort of soldering skills, if you don't know how to solder look for tutorial on YouTube.

I might make a "Soldering for beginners" instructable, when i have the time.

Step 1: Parts List.

For this modification you will need some electric components and some tools.

Electronic components:
1. LED strip lights, try and get white LED'S, because this will be use as a small spot light/flash light. (it your choice of weather proof strips or regular strip.

2. 12v battery to power the light,.

3. Some sort of push button or momentary button or even a switch. (depends on what you like.) i'm using a momentary button       because when i let go, the light turns off and i don't waste battery.

4. Wires, two separate colours so that it is easier to determine which is negative and positive. (i'm using brown and yellow.)

Tools and equipment.
*Drill, with drill bit the size of your button.(also on smaller one, about 5mm)
*Soldering iron and solder. (and all the other necessary soldering tools, helping hand, stand, de-soldering tool etc.)
*Electrical tape and/or heat shrink .
*A marker.
*Zip ties.
*Hot glue gun with spare glue.
*Scissors and wire cutters. 
*Needle nose pliers

Step 2: Rig Preparation.

To start the Modification, you'll want to prepare your drill and get a marker.

1. Mark where the button will be best placed, and a little hole where the end cap ends to allow the wire to go through.

2. Drill the hole out and see if the button fits. 

3. Don't tighten the button on yet because you have to add some wires.

4. Now to prepare the end cap for the LED's:
   * First start by sanding the end cap to allow the tape on the back of the LED'S strip to stuck better.
   * When placing the LED strips down, check that the positive connects is facing towards the button.
   * Copy the pictures shown, because its easy to solder the lights and wires this way, and it much cleaner too. 

Step 3: Electrical Set-up.

1. First solder two yellow (positive) wire to the button, and add heat shrink or electrical tape. Don't forget to solder the other end of ONE wire. (1st and 2nd Picture displays this)

2. Then Place the button in and screw it, so that it stays. (make sure the wires come out of the PVC)

3. Now, feed the yellow wire that soldered through the small hole, and keep the un-soldered wire inside. (2nd picture)

4. Once you have done that, get a brown piece of wire (negative) and solder one end and feed it through the hole.(2nd picture) 

(you can add a small dab of hot glue to stop the wire from falling out.)

5. Now get your end cap with the LED lights and solder the yellow wire to the positive connection.(ONE terminal) And brown to the negative connection. (ONE terminal) 

6. Prepare now two smaller wires (one yellow and one brown) to connect the other LED light strip. and solder them on.

7. Now just solder negative to negative, and positive to positive. to the other LED light strip. (4th picture displays this, it should look like a "C")

8. Once you have do this double check you connection and clean up and cover any exposed wires. 

9. There's one more thing rap a zip tie around the battery, because the wire has to be squished against the battery to get power, if not the power wont go through. (as you'll see in the last picture)

Step 4: Precautions.

So that you do have to go and buy more components here something you might want to look out for:

1.If you not sure ask someone or go research your problem.
2. make sure positive goes with positive and that negative with negative, purely because this battery doesn't have a battery clip so it take a little bit more care. 
3.Leave a little bit more wire so that move the battery and so that it not so tight.

Hope it works out for you :)

Thanks for reading my Instructable. Feel free to ask any question :)

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