Introduction: Flashing Brake Light - 555 Timer Circuit

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I found at the China stores some electronic devices that can flashing the brake light. I will make that for my motorcycle topbox. Searching on the internet gave my various sides, I ended up with the flashing brake light from:

On his side he explained very well how it work.

So my circuit and device is based on his work and knowledge


Step 1: The Schematic and Parts List I Used

  • 555 timer
  • C1 - 47 uf electrolytic capacitor
  • C2 - 1 uf
  • C3 - 10nf
  • D1 - 10v Zener diode
  • D2 - 1N4148
  • Q1 - BC547 - NPN
  • Q4 - IRF4905
  • R7 - 20 kohm trimpot
  • R1 - 4,7 kohm
  • R2 - 1 kohm
  • R3 - 100 kohm
  • R4 - 100 ohm
  • R5 + R6 - 1,5 kohm

I tested the schematic with the parts on a breadboard. I worked fine at 12 volts.

I also tried diffrent volts, resistors and the electrolytic capacitor. I made some test with the circuit on the motorbike's brake light, with engine run, and with the trimpot I adjusted to the desired flashing. After testing I soldered the parts on a stripboard with solder points, it could fit in a case I got laying around. Befor I sealed it with hot glue I made the final test.