Introduction: Flashing Toy Lightsaber Popgun

This creation is a strange and wonderful amalgam, and so the title is as well (got a better name?). I originally made this around 2007, but I was inspired to Instructable-ize it after writing this comment on an excellent instructable. It's very simple, all you'll need is:

- Duct tape

 - Lightsaber that flashes when you hit it, I used a Darth Maul model from when The Phantom Menace came out.

- Pop-gun. This is a type of toy gun that makes a bang sound when you fire it. Hand-cocked, old west repeater rifle style. Also has minor recoil which is essential for this instructable.

Step 1: Duct Tape Lightsaber to Gun

This sounds simple, AND IT IS, but you have to make sure you align the gun and lightsaber correctly when you're duct-taping them together. If they get out of alignment, go back and fix it. It is duct tape, so hold the two together strongly, pull it tight (also so it will activate the hit sensor when fired) and add another layer to keep it straight. I put the lightsaber on the bottom like a grenade launcher; looks cool and you can grab it like a handle (well, I can, I'm using a super-long Darth Maul one, so it reaches all the way to the gun grip). 

Step 2: BLAMMO

Turn on the lightsaber and fire the gun. Works best in darker lighting, though you can still totally see the flash. You can also use the single-flash capacitor charge mode also, if you want to keep it quiet (sneakysneakyAHGAHDMYEYES).