Introduction: Flashing WINAVR Code to Microcontroller Using ARDUINO Bootloader

Hey all...after a long time i came with a new idea which i have implemented,it is programming a AVR micro controller using WINAVR with ARDUINO as Programmer.its little bit confusing,dont worry.I will give you complete description. Generally we program a micro controller using a programmer,so here it is normal programming.normal programming in sense??we use the programmer according to the software we used(for example,to program arduino we use a usb cable which connected between pc and FTDI circuit as a programmer here controller will accepts the code because it contains a boot-loader ,similarly in AVR controllers we use some isp programmers like serial and usbasp's)and for flashing we use some third party tools. So few days back i came across with different type of programming i worked almost one month for this achievement.In This method of programming i am going to program a noraml avr controller with WINAVR may think that there is nothing new if you are thinking sooo, once again read the title of the i will flash the WINAVR'S HEX file into avr controller(say atmega8) with arduino but not with normal programmersbefore starting this you will need some below mentioned things1.Arduino Board2.Arduino AVR controller

Step 1:

Prepare for burning arduino bootloader for target AVR controller(here iam taking Atmega8).Already i explained how to burn boot loader to avr mc in earlier(click here) .so you can check with that..

Step 2:

Download AVRDUDESS tool which is user friendly and easy to use.if you are good at CMD you can go with command line utility.this is how the tool looks

Step 3:

After bootloading the target IC with arduino,you can go with isp type programming or simple method is replace the atmega328 chip on arduino with target bootloaded mc

Step 4:

Now connect the arduino board to the computer, open the tool and select arduino as programmer,COM port,19200 as baud rate,1.5 as bit clock or leave it.after doing all these things click DETECT which is seen in the above tool.if all the things are fine it will detect the target ic i.e atmega8 and the name of that ic is printed in below of the tool.

Step 5:

Finally select your HEX file which is generated using WINAVR IDE.and hit 'GO' then the hex will uploaded to your target within secs. remove the programmed controller from the arduino and use for your desired application.