Introduction: Flashlight "Converted Into Powerbank"

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I had this flashlight since 2012.,and it served me very well for it's versatility and durability.I often used it as usual flashlight,but in Nov 2013,i convert it into different toy.But this time i'll convert it into powerbank again..

.:you can find this type of DIY here...they were all good.

Step 1: Materials & Steps

Materials needed

*PVC tube(25 mm diameter)



*Soldering Iron (30W)

*Soldering Lead

*Step up Module chip (1-5vdc input to 5vdc output)

*an LED (salvaged from a PC camera)

*Analog or Digital Multi tester (optional)

*Bread Knife (use for cutting PVC tube) + pencil for marking

**STEPS can be as simple as looking into the image.

1.Cut the PVC according to the Barrel size of your flashlight.,height & diameter of the PVC tube depends on the flashlight to be use.

2.Cut circular EVA foam for chip module slot.

Step 2:

3.Cut a rectangular shape slot for chip/USB A-Female port.

4.Spray it in black finish to compliment with the color of the flashlight barrel.

Step 3:

4.The chip module specification can be seen on image

5.Connect/Solder the positive wire (RED) to the (+)positive terminal of the barrel's battery.

6.Connect/Solder the negative wire (BLACK) to the (-)negative terminal of the barrel's battery.

7.The wire from the positive(+) terminal of battery should be soldered on the B+ terminal of the chip module

8.The wire from the negative(-) terminal of battery should be soldered on the B- terminal of the chip module

9.An optional adding of an LED for indication purposes.

10.Test it by inserting 2 AA battery / pushing the ON/OFF button switch,./if you add an LED the LED should glow ,if you did'nt add an LED check the chip if it "Glows RED"(.it has a built in red led diode on it's board".Your good to go.

11.After testing close or attached everything together.

Step 4: What Type of Battery Is Best for This Project

1.The best would be Nickel Metal Hydride AA battery with high capacity.

2.Nickel Cadmium comes in second option in higher capacity too.

3.Or an AA Alkaline battery

4.Using an Ordinary AA battery (Super Heavy duty)would work but will not last as you expect it.

Step 5: Test

Test was good as i expected it.

.: i used to convert this Flashlight to supply power on my portable powered speaker with defective Li-Ion battery inside it..I removed it already,and the space inside of it was so small that even a AAA battery wont fit inside..

Step 6: What Will Happen to the Flashlight ?

The flashlight "head' was already used as a toy way back in November 2013.,i used it as a toy "Iron Man-Hand Repulsor" as seen on image together with lots of Iron Man toy props made last Novemeber 2013 for a kid(he wish to be an iron man) ...Also in the image is when i convert this -same Flashlight as a "Light Saber sword"..Unfortunately i was not able to document any of the projects shown here...

So there it goes again..Hoping you enjoyed it..,Thank you for your time..

for me "building is fun". :-)