Introduction: Flashy Splashy

I am going to show you how to make a fishing lure that is very attractive to bass! This lure is needed because you can consistently put fish in your boat. The “Flashy Splashy" is designed to have high hook up rates. The shiny colors and splashing effects make it almost irresistible around vegetation in the summertime.

Step 1: Gather Materials


#9 wire

Wine corks

Needle nose pliers

Screw driver

Treble hooks

Shiny spray paint

Metallic markers

Step 2: 2 Spray Painting

In this step you will want to use a spray paint that is glittery and reflects well in the sunlight.

Spray the entire wine cork thoroughly and then leave it to sit for an hour to dry.

Apply a second coating of spray paint to the wine cork to make sure there is lots of glitter on the cork.

Step 3: Putting on the Wire

The first thing you will want to do in this step is find a screw driver that has a similar circumference to the wire.

Then you will need to locate the center of the cork and screw a hole all the way through.

After the hole is through, cut a six inch piece of wire.

Then put the wire through the wine cork so that is the same amount of wire sticking out on both ends of the cork.

Step 4: Connecting the Hook

In this step you will want to slide a treble hook on the wire, on the back end of cork.

Then using the needle nose pliers, wrap the wire around itself three times to form a knot.

The wire at the front should be wrapped around itself to form a loop where you can attach a swivel or fishing line.

Step 5: Super Glue to Make Stronger

Make sure you are using loctite super glue!

Apply super glue to both ends of the hole until the middle of the cork is filled.

This will assure you that when you have a monster on the line, the lure won't break.

Step 6: Adding Color

Use a metallic marker of your choice to add color to your lure to make it more realistic.

If you feel as if it is necessary, you can super glue eyes on to the cork.

Step 7: Fishing

Once you have your lure complete, tie your line on and go catch yourself some big bass.