Flat Free Garden Cart Tire

Introduction: Flat Free Garden Cart Tire

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I decided to try make some flat free tires for my garden cart. I was thinking about expanding foam but walking though a store I seen pool noodles.
I have 4.10/3.50-4 tires. I bought 2 jumbo pool noodles 3.3” diameter and 54” long.


Tires off a garden cart. 4.10/3.50-4 tires
2, jumbo pool noodles 3.3” diameter 54” long
Sharp knife
Ratchet set.
Optional- impact driver

Step 1: Remove Inner Tube

Unbolt the rim and separate.
Pull old inner tube out and discard

Step 2: Cut Pool Noodle in 27 Inch Length.

I cut the noodle in 27 inch lengths and cut a bevel on the end to make sure it will be slightly longer on outside most part.

Step 3: Stuff Noodle in Tire

I started suffering the noodle into the tire. This is fairly difficult and takes trial and error to get good body positioning.

(I had pictures of starting stuffing the tire but I accidentally deleted them)

Take the beveled end and stick it in to the tire and work your way around stuffing the noodle it.

Step 4: Trimming Length

The noodle should be longer then needed. I used a sharp knife and trimmed the noodle so it was about 1” or 1 1/2” longer. Then I stuffed it in, the the ends are butt into each other. I made sure the noodle was stuffed properly in the tire.

Step 5: Re Install the Rim.

The noodle pushes the sides of the tire out, I had to use a clamp to get the rim close enough to bolt. And tighten the bolts.

Step 6: I Tested My Body Weight on the Tire

I put majority of my body weight on the tire to see how much it would compress. I put over 200 lbs and the tire held up good then installed it on the cart and stood on the cart

It seems to hold up very well

(I don’t know why my pictures uploaded upside down)

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