Introduction: Flat Pack Cool Box

Hello everybody,
And thank you for clicking on my instructable of my flat pack cool box.
I hope everything is clear and you can make your own flat pack cool box after you scrolled true my steps.

I'm a student at the HOWEST in Belgium I designed a Flat Pack Cool Box for a school assignment.

I have chosen a Cool box because this is a very seasonal bound object, so it will take far too much space for something that is not being used in some seasons.

What do you need:

triplex (4mm) (80cm * 160cm)

PS Plates (1mm) (80cm* 160cm)

styrofoam plates (10mm) (80cm*160cm)

styrofoam plates (20mm) (35cm*21cm)

cool bags
multi tool
duck tape
screw machine
locks (10)
Machine screw (M4x20)
2 components glue
some natural wood

Step 1: Saw Al the Plates

The best way too start is by saw the triplex plates firt then the styrofoam plates and last the PS plates.
the dimensions are all the same for the plates at one exception, the lid.

We need for all the 3 materials :

2 x 30cm*35cm

4 x 29cm*11cm

2x 11cm*35cm

1x only the triplex 25.5cm*35cm

1x the styrofoam plate and the PS plate 31.5cm*21cm

Step 2: Glue Everything

Glue the plates with the same dimensions against each other

Step 3: Handle

take a piece natural wood, and make a handle you also can use a other handle from a old work case

just draw your handle out a piece off wood, make sure its strong enough.

I connected my handle just by editing 2 screws, in order to avoid that it will split you have to keep the best first predrilling.

Step 4: Install Handle

Cut the handle out in the styrofoam plate so it will fit perfect.

Saw the same figure out from the top triplex plate, but only the handle itself and the space too grab it.

finally glue it all together.

Step 5: The Hedges

For this step you need 8 hedges, you can see on the pictures where the hedges need to be attached.

Step 6: The Locks

There are 4 locks who connects the box with the lid and 4 who keeps the base plate pressed to the box (this is only 1 on the picture, this isn't strong enough) ( watch out that the snails do not collide when folding)

The 2 other lock are for the side plates too keep them pressed too each other so they make 1 nice plate each 2 plates.

Step 7: Cool Bag

because we hinged work this design will never be waterproof we can solve thisvery simple by using a bag if we use a cool bag, we'll get another one insulating layer which ensures that the food / drinks still more will stay cold.

Step 8: The Result

If everything went well you normally get a result that look like this.

If something isn't clear or doesn't work, or you have some tips, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for watching my instructable, and maybe you even made it.