Introduction: Flat Pack: Dog House (small-medium)

I have made a flat pack doghouse.

More and more people take their sweethearts with them on trips. Going to the beach, having a BBQ with friends, going to a park,...

Places where your dog needs shelter, relaxation and shadow.

This house does it all!

  • With its light structure it is easy to carry!
  • It doesn't take much place (flat pack), but still has plenty of room for your dog! (550x900x800mm!)
  • It is easy to set up!
  • Waterproof, easy to clean
  • Isolated but still circulate air
  • Beautiful design

Summarised, your dog will love it!

Enjoy creating!

Your dog will love it!

Step 1: Materials

In the list below you can see what kind of materials and tools I have used. Hope your material hunt won't last that long so you can start quickly! :)

Used materials:

  • Elastic rope (small-medium)
  • Wooden beads
  • Ducktape
  • Showercurtain (green and white)
  • Blocbkoard
  • Isolation material Biplex (Cartonplast)
  • Blanket (+nourishment)

Used tools:

  • Sewing machine
  • Tape
  • Stanley knife
  • Sciccors
  • Ruler
  • Tailor chalk
  • Drill
  • Support material

Step 2: Plans

In the pictures you see all the plans you have to follow.

It's very important that you will work precisly.

The only thing you can adjust is the opening where your dog will pass through!

TIP! If you want to work efficient, print all the plans and lay them beside you!

Step 3: Cut Out

Take your template: cut-out boards beside you and start cutting.

The long strokes (part of the roof) will be cut out the isolation material.

Use your Stanley knife and let it slide alongside a strong batten.

Watch out! Remark the red text on the template! You will have to cut out some boards 8 or 4 times!

Tip! For the small stroke you can use a beam. It will be a little bit thicker but the piece will be on top and add strength because of the weight!


For the facades first draw the outlines on the blockboard and later on use a fretsaw and slowly pass the lines.

Do the same for the two bottoms!

Step 4: Tape

For adding strength to the isolation material we will put two strokes together.

We will use ducktape because this flattens the sharp corners of the materials.

Let's enjoy your sticky fingers!

Step 5: Contour

For the roof

Take your shower curtain (2000x1800) fold it double and pin it. Make sure the fabric is fixed.

For the next step we will take our Roof Pattern and start drawing the lines with some chalk.

Tip! For easen the stitchwork use some tape to outline the 9mm space between the strokes.


For the facades

Use the Stitching Pattern for the front and back side of the house.

Draw the outlines and cut it out with some sciccors.

Tip! I used an Ikea shower curtain made of PEVA (To reduce product costs!)

Step 6: Stitching

Start stitching according the lines.

For the roof everything will be stitched 'on top' of the fabric.

Do the same for the bigger bottom (the green one!)

> So we have an extra border!

For the facades we will first stitch and later on turn the stitiching work inside out.

Do the same for the smaller bottom (the white one!)

>So we don't see stitching marks!

Watch out! The bigger bottom will be green colored, the smaller one will be white.

Tip! You can make some cardboardforms to easen your stitchwork!

Step 7: Temporary Results + Final Stitching

Now put your boards into the fabric and finish your stitching so everything will be closed!

Stitch the sides to prevent fraying!

Tip! You start to see how your doghouse will fold!

Step 8: Assembly

Now we will put the white facades onto the white bottom.

Just stitch the edges on each other on both sides

The green roof will be attached on the green bottom

The roof and the big bottom have a big border. You just stich the two borders on each other!

You are almost finished!!

Step 9: Clamp System

To make sure the facades won't fall and are steady we will put some beads on the house.

We secure them with elastics.

First you will have to drill a screw through your beads.

Take the white part out of the house, turn it up side down.

Put some tape on it (will give you a better result)

Measure the distance (+/- 4 mm)

Make sure you put a beam underneath it so you won't drill into your table

Do this on both sides!

Now we do the same on the top of the roof.

Make sure you put some towels on your house so you won't damage your house.

Do this again two times!

Now we will drill two holes on the withe facades of the house.

Again use tape!

Now put an elastic trought the hole and secure it with a knot on the inside.

You finished your clamp system, you are almost there!

Step 10: Finishing Touch

To help you set up the doghouse you can put an elastic handle on top of it.

Drill two holes (150mm in between the center)

Again use tape and beams!

Put a bigger elastic through the holes and knot it on the inside!

I also made a cushion. Just cut a blanket a little bit bigger than 550x900 put some lining between it and stitch.

Afterwards cut unnecessary stuff away!

To keep everything together you can make two big runners. Put them (in the flatpackfase) on the house. The beams on the roof wil keep the runners on their place!

Hope you enjoy your work and let me know what your dog thoughts are! :)

Step 11: Video: Set It Up

Here a little video to show you how you have te set your doghouse up!

Hope you liked this instructable!

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