Introduction: Flat Pack Portable Caddy

If space is a premium for you and you like to be able to grab all the tool for a job you do alot then this is hopefully perfefct for you.

Best of all its pretty simple.

You will need

wood board - I used old picture frame backs donated from a friends store

camping mat

elastic - came with the rom mat


cutting knife

adhesive spray

so in total this cost me £2 to make this batch.

Choose your tool my lovely pink ones are a friends.

Step 1: Marking and Measuring

Cut your foam to the approximate size you are after and lay it on your backing board

Lay your parts out in the pattern you feel is best.

Mark using a pen the outline of the parts

Using your knife on a safe cutting surface, cut your holes. If you have a hot wire cutter they are best but this will take extra time

Lay your elastic over the gaps and staple down the elastic. The closest to the the edge of the foam as possible the better, as this will stop it from raising the foam once it is stuck down.

In a well ventilated area spray the side you want to stick to the board - NOT THE WOOD!

Stick the 2 together and then firmly press it down for the time whilst it is drying.

Your done!

Step 2:

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