Introduction: Flat Pack Tablet Stand

Today I will show you how to make a flat pack tablet stand. It is easily disassembled and stored. When it is apart, it's only 3/8" thick so it can be stored in small places easily. All you need is some 3/8" thick wood and some basic tools.

Step 1: Making the Side Pieces

Cut 2 pieces of wood and draw the shape in picture 2 on one of them. Nail them together so when you cut them out they are identical. Use a drum sander and a disk sander to smooth the edges. File the inside of the slot to make it at least 3/8" wide so the back will fit.

Step 2: Making the Back

Cut a piece of wood that is about the size of your tablet. Mark a dado 1/2" in from each side that is 3/8" wide and 7/8" long. Cut them out and make sure the they will fit when you put the stand together. If you want, you can round off the top to give it a nice look. The stand should fit together now.

Step 3: Finishing

This is by far the easiest step. Just pick you favorite finish and have fun.

Step 4: Done!

Great! Now you have a nice tablet stand that can be disassembled and stored easily.
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