Introduction: Flat Panel TV Shelf (Mount for XBox Kinect, Camera, Etc.)

This design uses the wall-mount bracket screws and holes to mount a shelf to the back of your TV.

I built this shelf because I wanted to raise my Kinect up higher, but didn't want to mount a shelf to the wall. I wanted something fairly hidden & something that I'd be happy to leave up permanently.

Total cost: $10-15

Step 1: Parts

1) Steel Angle Iron (2-4 feet, depending on your TV height) - pre-drilled holes prefered
2) Wooden Board (1"H x 4"W x 20"L)
3) Hex Nuts & Bolts (1/4" - 1.5"L)
4) Wood Screws or Nails
5) Cloth (old t-shirt will due)

Step 2: Cut and Assemble Supports

Measure the height from the top wall-mount screw hole to the top of your TV. Call this height X.
Use this to sketch out exactly how high you want the shelf. I wanted the shelf to sit just below the top edge of the TV.

Cut your angle iron to the correct height. The shelf will sit on top of the angle iron, so subtract the width of the shelf board (1") from X. TIP: if you have pre-drilled holes in the angle iron, cut the angle iron so that a hole lines up with the screw hole on the back of the TV.

Next, cut two triangle pieces from the wood board to make the braces.
Drill two holes in the triangle pieces and bolt them to the top of the angle iron.

Finally, cut some cloth to cover the back side of the metal supports. This will protect the TV from scratches. Glue them on (super glue works fine)

Step 3: Attach Shelf

In order to measure where to attach the top shelf, I put the supports on the TV and set the shelf board on top. I used a pencil to mark where the supports should attach.

Then, take the supports off the TV, and use the markings to screw/nail the shelf on in the proper place.

Step 4: Finish

I used an old t-shirt to cover the shelf to make it blend in more. Finish to your liking.