Introduction: Flat Screen Tv Stand

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So bought a tv on discount cause it had no stand so I mounted it with a tv wall mount. It was for my older sons room but he didn't want it mounted on the wall so that he would have the freedom to rearrange his room as he wanted and not have rearrange around his tv. So I came up with this...

Step 1: Parts Needed

7/8" shallow strut (preferably) but 1 5/8" will do
3/8" Spring nuts
3/8" fender washers
3/8" bolts
1/4" spring myths
1/4" fender or flat washers
1/4" bolts
Spray paint or cold galvanizing paint

Step 2: Tools Needed

Metal cutting saw
Socket wrenches 3/8" and 1/4"
Tape measure
Torpedo Level

Step 3: Prep

Measure and cut the strut to whatever size you want. I went for 16" feet and 24" stands. I cut 2 16" pieces and 2 24" pieces and filed both sides

Step 4: Paint

I got my l brackets and my strut and painted it satin black to match the wall mount. You can also paint the bolts but the paint will come off when you tighten them down so I would wait till admirer its assembled to give everything another touch up

Step 5: Assemble

I went 4" in from the back of my 16" feet and mounted the 24" pieces vertically on that with the strut brackets bolted down with the 3/8" hardware so that its rigid. I set them 24" apart on center and mounted the wall mount part of the tv to the strut with 1/4" hardware and made sure it was plumb and square.

Step 6: Mount Tv

Now mount your tv on the assembly and your done. You can slide it up or down depending on the height you want the tv I set it so I can put his game systems under the tv.