Introduction: Flat Spiral Rope Bracelet

This is an easy and quick project that lends itself to many innovations in bead types. An easy to read diagram of the flat spiral technique can be found here:

I have no affiliation with Fusion Beads and none of my supplies for this project came from that company.

If anyone's wondering about the colors, it is below zero, no sun, and more snow on the way; I wanted some bright Spring colors

Step 1: Supplies

Paper beads - these are ¾”

96– 6mm green E beads

96 – 6mm rose E beads

16 – 6mm round gold beads

Small seed or bugle beads

1 - Stopper bead

7’ - Monofilament Line or FireLine




Toggle clasp



Jump rings


2nd toggle clasp

Not shown – small nail clippers or flush cutter

Note: The paper beads need to have openings large enough to allow the needle and line to pass through several times.

Step 2: First Loop

Tie on a stopper bead with a 1 foot tail; be careful to secure it tightly enough that it cannot shift as you need it to help with tension as well as not letting the beads fall off the line. Thread the needle and add 2 paper beads, 3 green E breads, 3 rose E beads, one gold bead , 3 rose E beads, 3 green E beads. Bring the needle to the right of of the paper beads and pull the line through both beads tightly, avoiding the stopper bead.

Step 3: 2nd Loop

Thread 3 green E breads, 3 rose E beads, one gold bead,
3 rose E beads, 3 green E beads, pull to the left side and through the paper beads.

Step 4: Add a New Bead

Thread 1 paper bead, 3 green E breads, 3 rose beads, one gold bead , 3 rose beads, 3 green E beads. Pull to the right, thread through the top paper bead and the one just added. Remember to keep the tension as tight as possible.The repeat E beads and gold bead for the left side.

Repeat for additional beads passing through the previously added bead for both sides each time with tight tension until you reach the length you want. Don't worry, with beads this long the spirals be formed but not stiff, smaller beads will have a tighter stiffer feel and appearance.

Step 5: Time for the Toggle Clasp

Knot the line and super glue to keep the tension being careful not glue to the beads, don't cut the line. When the glue has dried add 5 small bugle beads, one side of the toggle, which can be on a jump ring, and 5 more bugle beads. Pass the line through the end paper beads.go through the closet E bead and back through the paper beads. Knot the line, glue , and cut closely. If the scissors don't cut closely enough, flush cutters or a nail clipper should work. Repeat for the other end after removing the stopper bead.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Bracelet

Have fun wearing your elegant bracelet. But read on there's more.

Step 7: Optional Necklace

If you choose to attach a matching toggle clasp to a ribbon, you can convert the bracelet to a fun necklace with a couple of different looks.

Hoe you liked my first Instructable. If you make the bracelet please post it, I would love to see your version.

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