Introduction: Flat T-joint

Hello my name is Brandan Gehrke. I’m a welder at LATI
welding program. I’m going to teach you how to weld a T joint in the flat position. This t joint is one of the easier welds. Have you ever heard of someone saying we a welder for everything that breaks around here? After this you will be able to grab a welding lead and fix the broken stuff.

Step 1:

There are three things you need to make an arch. You need a positive lead, a ground lead, and the metal you are welding. You need to turn on the welder and set the wire speed, and the volts.

Step 2:

To start the arch the wire comes out the end of the positive lead and touches the metal. To make that arch happen you need to have the ground connected to the metal you are jointing, in some sort of way. Whether its right to the piece or to a metal table that the ground is on. Now that you have the welder hooked to the piece, you can tac weld the 2 plates in a T.

Step 3:

Now you are ready to start the process of welding this T joint. As we pull the trigger and start the welder. You need to establish a puddle, once you have that puddle started you can move forward.

Step 4:

You have the puddle established and need to move along the joint evenly and straight. As you move along the joint the wire in the welder is flowing and it is hot and is melting and creating a weld. And is fusing into the 2 pieces of metal.

Step 5:

The weld is going to be hot so do not touch it. Use a pair of pliers to pick it up and move it. Now you are finished.

Step 6: