Introduction: Flat Bread As You Wish

I love a rustic feel to my cooking so it is pressed by hand but feel free to make it more aesthetically pleasing by rolling and shaping.
I also used a pizza stone; it gives a great flavour ; you can use a normal baking tray.
Feel free to add change any "toppings" to suit your mood.

Step 1: Bread Ingredients

500g plain flour
2 tsp instant yeast
3 tblsp olive oil
a cup of room temp. water

Step 2: Possible "topping" Ingredients

slices of butter
crushed garlic
sundried tomato
linseeds / sesame seeds

Step 3: How To:

Mix all flour, yeast, oil and enough water  to form a ball that is not too sticky.  Cover with plastic wrap then leave to sit a couple of hours so the yeast do it's job.

Step 4:

Cover your hands with flour and give it a good knead in the bowl. Divide into portions according to how many / how big you want your bread (I made 3 large ones) then press out with fingers on a floured surface to make a rough oval shape.  It should be about 1 - 2 cm thick for a rustic style.

Step 5:

Top with your favourite combination of toppings then fold over and place on preheated pizza stone.
Cook in HOT OVEN for about 15 mins until it takes on a lovely light brown colour.  Adjust timing if your bread is rolled or thinner.

Step 6:

Slice into strips to share or serve whole.  Great with soup or pasta.

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