Introduction: Flat Hook Tie Down

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Ever had to strap something down with no real way to place the hooks? Specially when the are the flat hooks?
I ran into this while strapping a piece of equipment to a pallet. So present this to you....... basicly making a 'master link'. Quick and easy.

Step 1: What Is Needed

2 strips of of 3/16 (at least thickness) metal. I found these at the local hardware store in the gate area that were predrilled. I bought 2 because I needed 3 ' master links' . They were 12 inches long, I cut them to 3 1/2, giving 1/2 inch either side of the existing holes.
Some 5/16 grade 8 bolts 4 inches long. Length depends on width of the flat hook.
Some grade 8 nylock nuts. Nylock is the plastic looking insert in the nuts the helps lock the nut.
And some washers.

Step 2: Forgot to Take a Picture

Well I was in the heat of getting it done and forgot to take a picture of the piece before installing. But here is a description:
add washer to bolt x 2
insert bolt into drilled strip x2
add second strip
add washers to both bolts
add nuts x 2, but don't tighten them yet.

Step 3: Strapping It Up.

Place the hooks in the 'master link' once you have the straps situated. Add a little tension, I SAID A LITTLE, to the ratchet straps, THEN tighten the nuts on the link. If you got the right length of bolts the strips should tighten right against the hooks. Now tighten the straps as needed.
Disclaimer: This is not meant for towing or hoisting any heavy objects. Would not recommend for long haul final tie down. But it will do in a pinch.
Time spent : 10 minutes for cutting and set up.
Cost: roughly $5 for the parts.