Flat Pack Dustpan




Introduction: Flat Pack Dustpan

I'm a student at HOWEST and our projects was to make a flatpack.

The flatpack i designd is a dustpan this is a turtorial to make it.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

I made the dustpan out of polypopyleen.

I didnt find normaal polypropyleen sheets so i used the sides of a polypropyleen curverbox as the basic sheet.

The rest of the things i used are:

-a scissor

-a metal ruler

-a soldering iron

-dril bit

Step 2: Drawing

First draw the cut lines on your pice of polyporopyleen.

The mesurmants are as folows.

Step 3: Cutting Out

cut out the outher lines of the dust pan

Step 4: Drilling the Holes

drille the holes on the 3 black points

Step 5: Cuting

cut out the last 2 lines at the handle

Step 6: Making the Folds

for this u use the soldering iron and the metal ruler

whit the soldering iron you melt in a coupel of milimeters in to the polypropyleen

were you can fold the polypropyleen

on the last picture you see wich lines to do at one side the lines that are not markd are for the back side

now you can make the folds if it dosnt go smooth you can take the soldering iron and go back over

Step 7: It Is Finished

if al the folds are made the dustpan is ready

if the cuts with the soldering iron arent clean you can use sanding paper tho smooth them

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    6 years ago

    looks like a product IKEA would be happy to sell on its shelves. I wonder if they ever accept unsolicited product idea contributions? Probably not, but might be worth checking out?


    6 years ago

    Do you actually have the measurements? I like that in a flat packed design you can always find a spot for something that simply unfolds back into a flat sheet. Very cool idea, I might actually make this for my rolling tool bag to clean up my work areas in the field.