Introduction: Flat Pack Wheelchair Ramp

This wheelchair ramp was designed for a flat pack assignment at Howest Industrial Design Center.

Step 1: Step 1: What You Need


  • 1 A1 polypropyle (PP) sheet of 0,8 mm thickness
  • a multiplex of 400 x 580 mm
  • rubber (eg. from an old car tire)
  • glue that works for wood, plastics and rubber
  • 36 truss head screws with a 10mm length
  • a small hook and 1 flat washers it fits in
  • varnish, paint or wood-dye (as you prefer) for adding waterproof finisher


  • a table saw (that can make chamfers)
  • glue clamps
  • scissors
  • a screwdriver
  • a drill
  • a paint brush

Step 2: Step 2: Prepare the Wood

  1. Saw the 4 wood parts to the right dimensions as seen on the drawing
  2. Make sure the chamfers are in the right places
  3. Paint, varnish or oil the wood parts to protect them from water and dirt

Step 3: Step 3: Cut and Fold the PP

  1. Cut out the outlines of the PP shape
  2. Remove the two corners holes to make the folding easier
  3. Draw very light lines with a sharp knife to make the folds (pay attention to the bend direction: some cuts need to be made in the front, some in the back)
  4. Make the folds and push them firmly, so the elastic tension is released as much as possible

Step 4: Step 4: Attach the Wood, the PP and the Rubber

  1. Make a final check whether all dimensions fit
  2. Cut the rubber to the right size
  3. Add glue to both materials
  4. Spread the glue evenly
  5. Bring all parts together and try to remove air bubbles

Step 5: Step 5: Insert the Screws and Attach the Ramp Sides and Bottom Rubbers

  1. Prepare holes for the screws
  2. Insert the screws
  3. Glue the ramp sides to the top
  4. Glue the bottom rubbers to all the surfaces that will eventually touch the ground

Step 6: Step 6: Make the Fold Lock

  1. Insert a hole in the front panel
  2. Saw the hook to the length needed to keep the folded parts together
  3. Put the hook through the hole and weld the two flat washer to the end of it so it can't fall out.
  4. Make holes in the PP to where the hook will move through

Congratulations! You just made your own flatpack wheelchair ramp.

Step 7: Step 7: Fold It to Use It

  1. Put the front part up
  2. Slide both PP flaps over the hook
  3. Turn the hook the flaps stay in place
  4. Turn over the ramp

Step 8: Step 8: Take It With You Everywhere You Roll!

I hope the ramp enables you to roll wherever you want to go!

Thanks for watching.