Flat Voodoos

Introduction: Flat Voodoos

I dont really like what they're used for but i love voodoo dolls! i've always tried to make one and i pretty much failed up to now. these ones are flat but very good to put on cards or use as stick-ons.
~ thin cardboard (i used toilet paper rolls and 2 minute noodle boxes)
~ different colored embroidery cotton
~ sewing needle
~ craft glue
~ scissors
~ marker, pencil, pen whatever

Step 1: Making the Skeleton

cut the card board and draw the shape of a person on it. then cut that out.

Step 2: The Head

use at least three different colors for the body and for each color, use a meter or less lenghth of cotton. put glue all around one side of the head and press the first lenghth of cotton at the very top. begin wrapping down around the head towards the arms. 

Step 3: The Arms

cut off any remaining embroidery cotton and tie on the next colour, the color of the voodoo's shirt. wrap that around until your at the arms. you wrap the arms oposite to the head; sideways instead of downways for both of them then coninue wrapping down until you get to the legs. dont forget to put a dab of glue wherever you are wrapping the embroidery cotton.

Step 4: The Legs

once again, change color when you get to the legs and wrap them one at a time to make the voodoo's pants. wrap the cotton back up the legs again and glue it at the back of the voodoo. 

Step 5: Eyes and Mouth

to make the eyes and mouth choose a color of thread and put it on your needle. sew through the back of the head and do the eyes however you like but make sure it ends at the back of the head where it started so you can tie a secure knot and chop off the remaining thread. for my voodoo's eyes and mouth, I just did small X stitches.
there you go!

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    thanks! sorry if the photos arent very clear. i tried to explain in as much detail as possible and i also drew pictures, since i dont seem to be half bad at that...
    anyway, thank you!!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    let me know how it goes if you try to make one <3