Introduction: FlatPack Ladle

The flat-ladl is a ladl with a simple system that you can make into a full ladle. Because these can be made flat, it is easier to store it, without the ladle is in the way. By pushing the handle to form in the shape of the ladle itself, so you can use it

Step 1: What Do You Need

what do you need :

- 1 Plexiglas plate 3mm

- 1 roll adhesive vinyl role is waterbestandig

- 1 roll adhesive wrapping-paper

- kuttermes

- scissors

- White A4 paper

- a pencil

- double-sided tape

- a ruler

Step 2: Making the Hard Parts

To make the hard pieces you used the Illustrator file to lazercutten the plaxiplaat. All afmatingen can be found on the above picture if you want to make the pieces zef from other hard material. Make sure that you have the handle 2 times.

Step 3: Vinyl Foil Part 1

Take a piece of vinyl adhesive film and the plexi pieces on the film after the picture with the dimensions. Make sure you have a gap between all the pieces of 3mm. After these steps you stick nogaals a film along the same side so you have a double layer. Then take your cuttermer and cutting excess parts away

Step 4: Vinyl Foil Part2

turn the ladle 180 °, and stick two films on this side. cutting away the excess material. to make the opening in the handle on both sides. fold tthe 2 sides in the form, in the same direction as on the spoon

Step 5: Lever System

Print the pdf file and cut out the shaded area. adhesive one long side the pattern completely. turn the leaf and stick it side to 1.5cm that the end of the bones, cut out this form. glue the U shape at the top.

Step 6: Placing of the Lever

fold the ladle in its shape, U shape pushed into the handle and you kleefj the foot as tight as possible on the side. Do this on both sides.

Step 7: Securing the Lever

Overkleeft half of the upper side, cutting off the rest

Step 8: Optional

Take the self-adhesive cover paper with your favorite print and cover each side of the handles

Step 9: The Handle

stick the second handle along the front of the ladle