Introduction: Flatpack Rocking Horse

I'm a product design student at HoWest, Belgium. Our first assignment for the course Design & Prototyping III was to build something flat-pack.

I decided to make a rocking horse, and came up with this design. The rocking horse is fully made of corrugated cardboard because most people have a fairly big amount of cardboard lying around they're doing nothing useful with. Because the whole thing is cardboard, it's very easy to customize using crayons / markers / textile / etc etc. For example, my initial idea was to draw a board game on it, so it is also useable when the rocking horse is flat.

In short: a great project for you and your kids!

Hope you all like it, and if you got some comments or questions: please express them :).

Click the second image in the album to see a gif of how the rocking horse works

Step 1: Requirements

  • Corrugated cardboard: if you have some big boxes lying around. Great! Use them. It'll be useful if you can use some parts out of the box that are already joint togehter instead of having to glue them.
  • Wood glue: for joining the different parts
  • Box cutter: to cut the right shapes
  • Scissors: for some finishing touch
  • Duct tape: to hold some things together while the glue is drying
  • Whatever you want to decorate or pimp the rocking horse. (I made it a rocking snake)

Step 2: Cut

Cut the shapes above out of your cardboard sheets

Step 3: Assemble!

Now glue all these pieces together with your wood glue.

To keep the lips in place while drying, you can put on some tape.

Step 4: Decorate!

Spray / Normal paint

Use crayons and markers

Stick things on it

Make it a christmas tree

Do whatever you or your kids want :)