Introduction: Flatpack Cutting Board to Knife Holder

For my new assignment we had to make a innovative flatpack product. I chose to develop a new concept to use in the kitchen. Knife holders are mostly large and heavy wooden pieces that take a lot of space on your kitchen sink. I tought about a concept that is light, handy and has two functions: a knife holder and a cutting board all in one.

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Step 1: Materials

What do you need?

  • cardboard plate (38cm x 25cm) with a thickness of 1mm or 1,5mm or use 2 cardboard plates and stick them together
  • 2 plastic sheets (minimum 36cm x 25cm)
  • laminating foil
  • self adhesive male and female Velcro (25cm each)
  • a plastic cutting board (minimum 36cm x 25cm)
  • self adhesive magnetic strip (+- 1m x 2,5cm)
  • strong double-sided tape
  • a Stanley knife
  • a ruler
  • a pen

Step 2: Stick the Two Pieces of Cardboard Together

Use the double-sided tape to stick the two pieces of cardboard together. Make sure they are 38cm x 25cm.

Step 3: Drawing the Lines

The cardboard is 38cm. You need to divide the first 36cm into 6 pieces of 6cm. Make sure you have 2cm left at the end.

Step 4: Cutting the Holes for the Magnetic Strips

Use the Stanley knife to cut out the pieces of cardboard for the magnetic strips.

Step 5: Bending the Cardboard

Use the Stanley knife to make small incisions on the lines the cardboard need to bend. Make sure to not cut through the cardboard!

Then use the laminating foil to strenghten the incisions and make them waterproof. Make sure you also laminate each side of the cardboard and the back of the incisions (extra strenght).

Step 6: Cutting the Plastic Sheet

Use the plastic sheet and cut out 6 pieces of plastic from 5,9cm x 25cm. Make sure it is 5,9cm and not 6cm or else you will cover the incisions.

Now use the double-sided tape to stick the plastic onto the cardboard.

Step 7: Cutting the Cutting Board

Pick your favorite color and start cutting pieces from 25cm x 5,9cm. I used the white color because it gives a nice effect afterwards.

Use the double-sided tape to stick the cutting board onto the plastic sheet.

Step 8: Cutting the Magnetic Strips

Cut the strips to the correct sizes of the holes. Use the double-sided tape for extra strenght.

Step 9: Cutting Out the Plastic Sheets (back Side)

Cut out the plastic sheets (25cm x 5,9cm) for the back. Use your Stanley knife to cut out the holes and use the double-sided tape to stick the plastic onto the cardboard.

Step 10: Adding the Velcro

Tape the Velcro on each side of your knife holder. Make sure that the male Velcro is on the side of the cutting board because it is more waterproof than the female side.

Step 11: Finished

Congratulations, you've just made your own Knife holder/ Cutting board!