Introduction: Flatpack Workbench

I'm a student at HOWEST in Belgium. I study industrial product design and for one of our projects we had to make a flat pack product. We could choose any product. I picked a workbench.

In the following steps I will explain how I made it.

Step 1: Tools

- Drill

- Multytool or jigsaw

- Circular saw

- Ruler, pencils, ... etc.

- Knife

- cable cutter

Step 2: Materials

- multiplex: 1220x1220x18 mm

- multiplex: 1220x1220x12 mm

- aluminium tubes: diametric 40 mm and length 900 mm

- wheels

- steal cable with clips: diametric 3 mm, 10 meters long

- foam (yoga mat)

- steal bar: 400x40x5 mm

- steal tube: diametric 48 mm and 25 mm

- hinges

- screws

- wood glue

- varnish and paint (if you want too)

Step 3: Worksheet

- Fist cut the wood in 3 different sizes.

1) dimensions 80x948x12 mm (2 times)

2) dimensions 80x1200x12 mm (2 times)

3) dimensions 900x1200x18 mm

- glue en screw the side on the main plate like in the picture

- that's all for the worksheet

Step 4: Cable and Bar Holders

Steal holders:
- cut the steal bar down until we've got 6 piece with dimensions 60x40x5 mm

- cut 4 piece from the steal tube with diameter 48 with 5 mm thickness. Do the same with the small tube but only 2 times

- weld the tubes on the little plates like in the picture

Wooden holders:

- cut down 4 squares with a length of 80 mm and 12 mm thick

- drill a hole in the center with diameter 40 mm

Step 5: Bottom Plate

- first cut a plate with dimensions 1195x895x12 mm

- on this plate you cut out a U-shape with 600x895 mm and the thickness of the U-shape is 100 mm (multitool)

- place the steal cable/tube holder in the centerline of the U-Shape and screw them down

- reattach the 2 plates with hinges like in the picture

Step 6: Tool Holder

- cut the yoga mats with a knife in several pieces from the same size (you can chose your own dimensions)

- glue the pieces together

- cut the shape of the tools you want into the foam

- test if your tools fits

Step 7: Assembly

- Screw on the tube holders on the bottom plate, 190 mm from the end of the U-shape

- Screw also the tube holders on the back of the worksheet

- On the side where we will screw the bottom plate on the worksheet, we screw the cable holder on the outside of the worksheet. In the center. On the other side we screw them on the inside

- you can test if it closes

- if it closes, you can glue the tool holder on the bottom plate

- if you want to you can paint or varnish the workbench

Step 8: The Cables

- put the aluminium tube into there holders

- cut down the steal cables to the right size (no exact dimensions)

- adjust them until the worksheet is leveled

Step 9: Extra's

- put wheels on the side where the bottom plate and the worksheet are connected

- put a hole into the center of the long side of the U-shape

- put a hole on the side of the worksheet on the other side of the wheels (not necessary)

Step 10: Result