Introduction: Flatpacked Compost Bin

This tutorial shows u a way to make youre own composting barrel very easy and cheap.

DISCLAIMER: I know this isn't as studry as the ones you can buy, but that was not the point of the design. The point was to make a simple barrel for people who want to compost but dont wanne a big barrel from the shops.

Step 1: What You Need

- You will need a pop-up gardengarbage bag, these are quite cheap and will make up most of youre structure.

- A material used for the bottom. I used old fitness mats but other materials can be used.

- A hot glue gun

- A exacto knife or a cut knife

Step 2: Cutting the Mat

The first thing you do is cut out a cirkel wich fits inside de bag snugly. Then you wil have to cut out a ring wich fits on the outside of the bag. Make sure that the outer diameter is the same size as the bag so theres no gap left. This ring will be the foot of the barrel. You need this for letting water out and allow tiny insects inside the barrel.

Step 3: Making the Holes

Make some holes in the big cirkel that fits inside the bag. These will let excess water flow out of the barrel. I used a small drill to do this but you can also use a knife or other way. These holes dont have to have a pattern I just think it's looks better.

Step 4: Cutting the Hole

When you have the outer ring you wil need to cut a hole in the bottem of the bag. Make sure theres a bit of an overlay so that you can easily glue youre mats to the bag.

Step 5: Glueing

Glue the both cut-out parts to the bag. The most importnat thing is to make sure the outside ring is glued on tight. The inside doesn't really need alot of glue because it will just sit there.

Step 6: What You Have So Far

Right now u have a working composting barrel but we will add some extras that will make it easier to use and store.

Step 7: The Top

Here you kind off have a choice what you want to do. I made the top from an old rain jacket but you can do it in alot of different ways aswell. The top doesn't need to be permenantly attached to the barrel, it just needs to be rainproof.

To make the top i first cut out a cirkel thats a bit bigger then my bag so it would fit over it. Then just sew in a bungee and it's basicly done.

Step 8: Cutting the Hole

Now you want to cut a hole in the side of the bin near the bottom. This hole is used to take out the finished compost. The hole needs to be able to be closed again otherwise the process of composting won't go that well and stuff will fall out of the bin. I made this hole with some velcro strips so that I can easily close it when i don't need to take anythig out of it.


Youre very own composing bin should be ready now. If u want u can paint the bottem for a nicer look but this isn't necessary.

Pls leave some comments on with u think of it positive or negetive I apreciate it all :)