Introduction: Flattening Warped Veneer and Pimping Your Phone

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Veneer is a really fun material to work with, regardless if you're doing marquetry or using it for other kinds of crafting. However, often enough you'll find veneer that you intend to use being bubbly, curved, warped or otherwise deformed. Don't fret, the veneer isn't beyond rescue, watch the video above to learn how to get it back into shape.



Flat wood boards, plywood, MDF or chipboard works great



Let's get started!

Step 1: Gather Your Tools/materials

For this you're going to need two very simple things, a couple of slabs of flat wood such as plywood, MDF or chipboard, and water.

Step 2: Wet That Veneer!

Take the two slabs and wet one side down so it's evenly covered. It shouldn't be dripping, but at least have an even moist coverage.

Place the piece of veneer on top and moisten that as well.

Finally place the other slab on top.

Step 3: Clamp That Veneer!

Clamp the veneer wood sandwich together.

When in doubt, use all the clamps!

Now wait over night to allow the whole thing to dry. This is why it's important that you don't use a sealed wood, or something covered in plastic or melamine, as that will not absorb the moisture and thus not allow the veneer to dry.

Step 4: Remove Clamps, Extract That Veneer!

And there you have it, your veneer should be as flat, or even flatter, than the day it was bought.

Step 5: Use That Veneer!

If you want an idea what to use that veneer for, why not stick it in a laser cutter and cut out a simple shape? Varnish it with some nice polyurethane clearcoat, apply some double sided stickytape to the back and stick it to your phone.

Way to class up the place!

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Have a nice one!