Flavored Rainbow Sugar Cubes

Introduction: Flavored Rainbow Sugar Cubes

-These rainbow flavored sugar cubes are so lovely and perfect for some tea party.

-These sugar cubes are embedded with naturally home made rose water,cinnamon flavored water and lime.

-These cubes when added to tea you wil get nice flavour and color due to melting of sugar cubes once dissolved.

Step 1: Preparation of Flavored Water

First let us prepare Rose water.

-Take fresh rose flowers. Remove petals and wash under running water.

-Add very little water to cover the petals and put on stove top at a very low flame for 20 minutes. Dont bring to boil. Very low flame should be maintained.

-If we add more water we are diluting it more so that both color, flavour will be reduced.So try to add less water for more flavour.

-After 20 minutes color of petals will be reduced and we can see colored rose water.

-strain using strainer and collect in some glass jar and store in refrigerator.

-Apart from use in adding flavour rose water has multiple benefits. It can be used for beautiful glow of your skin.It moisturises your skin giving refreshed look.

-It reduces puffines under eyes when dipped with a cotton ball and applied.

- It is also acts as wonder in make up removing and nourishing your skin. Mix few drops of coconut oil with rose water on cotton pad and cleanse your face.

-For stress relieve have a rose scented bath.

Step 2: Cinnamon Flavoured Water:

-Just add cinnamon stick to very little water and put on stove top at low flame for sometime.

-strain obtained flavoured cinnamon water and use.

Step 3: Ingredients for Preparing Sugar Cubes

-Food colors( I prepared food colors using vegetables and kitchen ingredients)

green color-spinach,orange-carrot,red-beets,yellow-turmeric

puree veggies and strain liquid using strainer.


-flavored water( rose,cinnamon) and lime

Step 4: Procedure:

-Take 4 bowls and add 4 diffrent food colors.

-Add sugar in all cups.

Step 5: Add Flavoring Agents:

-I used lime as flavour for yellow,rose water for red and cinnamon water for green.
-After adding flavour agents just give a mix.Colored sugar what u get should be sandy and not very wet. if it is very wet add sugar and if it is very dry add a tsp water.

Step 6: Spread on Baking Sheet

-Spread on baking sheet as thick blocks and make cuts all along the way using knife so that we can break blocks after done.

-You can spread according to your thickness you need.

Step 7: Baking

-Bake at 100 degree centigrade for 1hr.

-cool and break the sugar blocks.

-Enjoy flavored rainbow sugar cubes in tea.

Step 8: Preparing Colored Sugar Sprinkles for Decorating Cakes, Cookies,puddings:

-Use same procedure as mentioned above for sugar blocks except instead of spreading as blocks on baking sheet just spread as thin layer and bake for just 10 minutes at 180 degrees

-After 10 minutes sugar will be little stiff .cool for some time and break in to powder and store in container.

-you can use for decorating cakes,cookies or puddings

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    I never thought it would be this easy. I will have to try it.