Fleece Scarf

Introduction: Fleece Scarf

This is a very simple 5 to 10 minute sewing project that will keep your loved ones neck and face warm and toasty this cold season.

Step 1: Fabric

1. I used scrap fabric from bathrobes I had made my daughter's a few months ago.

2. I folded my fabric in half to measure and cut to fit my daughter's neck/face area.

3. I measured 30" x 14" (I did a half inch seam) I ended up cutting it to fit better on my daughter's, but the measurements would have been good for an adult.

4. Next, I'm ready to sew.

Step 2: Sewing Fleece Neck Warmer

1. Lay fabrics so good sides are faceing eachother.

2. I pinned the bottom in a few spots to keep my fabric from moving.

3. I use a dark thred to sew the bottom and the top of the long rectangle.
** You can fold your fabric where you'd only have one seam. I used scrap fabric and had to make it work. ;)

4. I sewed each end shut with a simple straight stitch.

5. Then, sewed the two end pieces together.

6. Cut any extra hanging strings.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

1. Turn neck warmer to the right side (seam inside)

2. Now your loved one will be warm while playing outside.

3. I ended up making 3 neck warmers with the left over fabrics.

I have also made it reversible before....just use two different fabrics instead of the same one.

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