Fleur-de-lis Embroidered Decorative Hand Towel

Introduction: Fleur-de-lis Embroidered Decorative Hand Towel

Here is my Menu Project for my Honors Seminar class. I chose to use an embroidery machine to create a decorative towel for my mom for Mother's day. After two attempts at using the machine and encountering various problems, I have a towel that isn't exactly what I want, but I am going to fix it with some hand embroidery to make it look better and less-homemade looking.

Step 1: Fleur-de-lis Embroidered Decorative Towel

Step 2: Make Some Decisions

First, you need to decide what it is you want to make, and then how you will make it. For this project, I wanted to create something for my mother for Mother's day, so I found a design that included something that she would like and found something to embroider it on so that she could display in our house.

Procure the necessary materials for your project, including needles, fabric, embroidery hoop, machine, and anything else you might need.

Step 3: Machine Setup

Next, set up your machine so that it is ready to go. This might take a minute if you're a beginner like I was. I took me about an hour and a half to get the thing up and running. For this process, the internet is your friend! I credit all my ability to work the Brother SE 400 to Youtube and Internet blogs.

You'll need to thread the machine and the bobbin (make sure it is installed correctly) and plug your machine in so you can upload your design

Step 4: Upload Your Design

Use the USB cable included with your machine to upload it to your machine. From here you can download it onto the machine and change the sizing and layout if you'd like.

Now, you're pretty much ready to go!

Step 5: Hit the Go Button and See What Happens!

If you've done everything right, you shouldn't have any problems with the embroidery process on the machine's end. But, if you do, consolidate the internet again for some solace, and try try again. If you persist long enough, you'll have a project that you enjoy and will cherish for a long time to come.

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    Hi MadeleineC9-
    Great start with machine embroidery!
    I can help with some troubleshooting after seeing your photos...
    1. your bobbin tension is too loose. (there is typically a tiny screw head on the bobbin holder that adjusts the pressure of the tiny leaf spring that controls thread tension. It can be tightened in small increments with a small flat screwdriver, or sometimes with just your fingertip or fingernail.) The black thread loops being pulled up from the bottom side of the towel indicate this.
    2. I would suggest using the same color bobbin thread as the top color thread in your design. Or, use white thread for your bobbin. At any rate, the bobbin thread should not be getting pulled up from the underside of the embroidery.
    3. Are you using stabilizer/ backing material on the back side of the towel when you hoop it? Stabilizer will help your design hold registration during the embroidery process..
    Search google or Youtube for these terms for more detailed info. Good luck!