Flat Pack Bow

Introduction: Flat Pack Bow

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You can take the Flexbow anywhere easily by its efficient way of flat packing. It can be made from sheet steel / carbon / spring steel and fiber glass. let's get started.

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need:

1. Sheet steel 2 m long, 3 cm wide, 0.5 cm thick.

2. Lock bolt with nut galvanized Diameter M5, 20 mm long, total 8x

3. 8x hexagon nut plastic ring

Step 2: Technical Drawing

On the technical drawing you can see an exploded view where you can see how the bolts and pieces exactly come together.

The nuts and bolts are rotated each time facing each other so that it can absorb more torque with the bow and therefore better bind together .

Step 3: Size Sawing Pieces

There should be cut:

5 pieces having a length of 35 cm

1 piece having a length of 24.5 cm

Step 4: Sheet Metal Laser Cutting/ Metal Drilling

In step you 4 have the possibility to choose for laser cutting all the pieces or to drill all the pieces himself with a metal drill and then filing off the wide slots to the desired size.

When the pieces of board make sure you sign off the documents in advance. This works well with a utility knife. Then mark where you have to get the holes with a sharp point and hammer.

All holes must be drilled with a diameter of 5mm and 6mm galvanized because the lock bolt with a nut must be galvanized with a fit of 6mm .

Step 5: Assemble Pieces

In building the arch you should consider how the bolts come into the holes.

On the pictures you can see how they have to fit exactly.

All dimensions can be found on the previously mentioned technical drawing.

Step 6: Chucking

In order to fold the bow you can push the two ends , where the string comes around in the middle of the arc between the two plates.

Because the ends are rounded, the process goes smoothly and there should be no spacers between the arch.

Step 7: Flat Packing Instructions

Here you see the system how you can fold the bow for easy to carry / transport

Step 8: Presentation Video

In the clip is you see how you can tension the bow efficiently from the flat pack form.

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    5 years ago

    There does not seem to be any video here. There is also no photos of the bow being drawn or shot. I agree it is very flat, but none of the photos show anything compact enough to fit in, for example, a backpack. And actually the folded bow looks larger than most pack frames. o.o Have you tested to see if your joints hold under draw?


    6 years ago

    Nice set up, but what what kind of draw weight do you get out of this bow? Would it only be good for small game or could you bring down a big game animal too?


    6 years ago

    What kind of draw weight do you get from the mild steel? Do you find the steel deforming over time due to not being spring steel?