Introduction: Flexible Paper Mat

A flexible paper mat made up of old newspapers, which can be used as a base for flower vase.

Step 1: Things Required

  • Old News papers
  • Sissors
  • A synthetic glue like Fevicol
  • A long thick Needle
  • Poster colours
  • Paint brush

Step 2: Cut Newspapers

  • Take an old newspaper and fold it into two
  • Cut the newspaper at the fold into Rectangle shape. You need many pieces of these cuttings.

Step 3: Make Paper Sticks

  • Take a piece of rectangle paper
  • Scroll the paper using the long needle in to a stick
  • Glue the ends of the roll with fevicol

Paper sticks are ready. Make as many numbers as required

Step 4: Rolling the Paper Sticks

  • Roll the paper sticks into a round shape as shown

Step 5: Color the Paper Rolls

  • Paint the paper rolls with poster colors. You can use different colors to paint the rolls
  • Keep the painted rolls separately to dry.

Step 6: Making Paper Mat

  • Take another news paper. We will arrange and paste the colored rolls on this paper.
  • Arrange the rolls in a round shape over the news paper
  • Paste each roll in the arranged position with fevicol
  • Allow the pasted rolls to dry

Step 7: Cut Into Shape

  • After the glue dries out cut along the outer edges of paper rolls
  • It is very flexible. Even you can fold it and store separately

Step 8: Use the Flexible Paper Mat As Base for Flower Vase

You can use the flexible paper mat as a base for things like a flower vase and all. It will give a good appearance

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