Introduction: Flexible Steering to Skateboard at Large Angles.

Currently,people mostly use a skateboard consisting of a drag board and four wheels at the bottom. The drawback is that it is not easy to control direction when sliding, and requires a high level of motor skills. Large angle steering skateboard is a sliding direction easy to control, flexible movement of light material skateboard. It consists of plate surfaces, wheels and steering components. The steering component consists of a pair of wheels, wheel frames, and hinges, which can be turned relative to the left (right) of the plate when subjected to left (right) pressure on the plate, making it easy to steer the skateboard. Skateboard skate using a girl-style color scheme, with the arc of the skateboard body, so that skateboard like a lively and dynamic girl. Careful look, skateboard like a ferocious ship by the wind and waves to enter the waves. It's a flexible, gentle and aggressive skateboard.


The skateboard has a unique steering component on the front axle, which can be turned relative to the plate when subjected to plate pressure, making it easy to steer the skateboard.

Step 1: Making Board Slabs.

Adjust its related data using the stretched curve. Make a combination of a box and cylinder with a surface combination as a hole, using this combination and the stretched curve group, resulting in a half-piece skateboard with arc. Copy it in the rear mirror face, then pan it to get the other half of the skateboard, combining them into a whole skateboard. The curved plate surface of the skateboard forms the foot nest design, which makes the skateboard easier to manipulate and make fancy moves.

Step 2: Making Wheels and Axles.

Use the wheel sly and adjust its related data. Copy it to get a pair of wheels. Use the adjusted matte technology shaft and cap bead to form the axle. The capbes on both sides of the matte technology shaft hold the wheels. Align the axle with the wheel and move it to position it in the wheel hole. Copy the axle and move it so that both wheels have axles. The wheel shaft steamed with a matte technology shaft and a capbeibe let it have a strong aesthetic.

Step 3: Making a Framework.

Use the open arrow and adjust its related data. Intercept the open arrow arrow part and copy it, then make them mirror facing together, and then turn it to one side and pan a distance, which then makes the two opening arrows bridge. Put them together.The resulting arrow on one side of the assembly is truncated and the shorter arrow that is truncated rotates 20 degrees clockwise. Move the arrow to connect it to the longer part that is cut on the other side. Combine them and align them with two aligned pairs of wheels, and move the body slightly so that the frame is in contact with the axle only and not with the wheel. The composite frame is connected to the axle to ensure that the wheel is in its original position and secures its position during travel. The rigid frame shape gives it a more speedy feel, and the rising front end feels like it's taking off at the next moment.Select the shorter part of the previously cut arrow and copy it, then pan it up and to the right by 1 mm, repeat 12 times, and the longer part of the other side is copied 1 mm up and left and repeat 12 times the same. Put them together. The copied combination can slow down the vibration caused by the small obstruction steaming encountered by the skateboard during the journey, play a certain role in the shock absorption, and can play a role in protecting the wheel. The layered frame shape is inspired by the sails of the sailboat, which sail smoothly in the wind.

Step 4: Make the Base and Steering Area.

Combine an adjusted wedge with a cylinder set to a hole so that the wedge is hollowed out. The combination of the box set to the hole and the upper part of the wedge causes the part of the wedge to be cut. Connect the adjusted wedge to the skateboard with a cylinder. Attach an adjusted hexagon to the hollowed-out wedge and align it with the cylinder. Attach the upper part of the ring to the plate face to the fixed ring. Cut off the excess of the cylinder. Add a raised decorative pattern to the wedge, which symbolizes the big waves of the cruise ship in the sea, and the B-R means beat and recover. Part of the frame protrudes from the wedge-shaped front, giving the skateboard a feeling of wind and waves. Combine them and place them in the appropriate position on the skateboard.

Step 5: Make Rear Wheel Shafts and Brackets.

Adjust the relevant data of a cylinder with a pyramid, then align and adjust the relative position and group it together. Place the two cylinders together, set one of the cylinders to a hole, and combine the two cylinders to form a concave surface. The surface is set to a combination of cylinders and pyramids after the hole, and the tip portion of the surface and the pyramid of the complex combines to make the tip a convex surface.After adjusting its related data to the hole and adjusting the position of the combination, it is combined with the combination to get a hole on the combination. Adjust a cylinder and pass through the hole, adding an adjusted metric thread to the outlet of the hole, aligning the thread with the cylinder. Add the upper part of the adjusted ring to the top end of the cylinder. Align an adjusted pyramid with the composition and overlap the lower part of the composition. Combine the two wedges by adjusting the relevant data and position. Connect the wedge combination to the previous combination. Combine them. The base and axle also have a fixed shaft that forms a triangular structure that makes it more robustly combined.

Step 6: Make Rear Wheels and Base.

Attach the adjusted wheel to both ends of the wheelshaft part of the complex so that the cylinder passes through the wheel hole and does not pass through. Use an adjusted box as the base of the composite part. The nuts consisting of adjusted six-pyramid and metric threads are divided into the four corners of the base. Add decorative characters and patterns to the axle and base. Put it on a skateboard. Unfolding branches symbolize the flexibility of skateboarding, fish scales and empty wheels for the skateboard to bring more strong appearance temperament, arranged on one side of the flowers so that the skateboard in the fierce at the same time there is no shortage of beauty.Combine skateboards as a whole,lively and dynamic and no lack of strong angle flexible steering skateboard is completed.

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