Flexible Stone Bowls




Introduction: Flexible Stone Bowls

Another project with the "sandy foam" material. The material is not only perfect for making flower pots and fake stones, but also to make flexible and light bowls with a stone-look. You can use them for your garden or house to display little treasures.

More about the sandy foam at: Flexible And Light Stone Material.

Step 1: Grease the Mold

A balloon is an easy mold to use for a bowl shape. Inflate the balloon until you have the size you want. Cover your hands with gloves and spread molding release grease on top of the balloon. You can put the balloon in a cup so it won't roll away.

Step 2: Mix the Ingredients

For the sandy foam material I used flexible polyurethane foam of Douglas & Sturgess. To create the foam I used 0.10 oz of part A, 0.30 oz of Part B and 1.30 oz of sand per bowl. Mix it for at least 30 seconds, and add little amounts of sands in between.

Step 3: Model the Sandy Foam

Model the sandy foam around the greased surface of the balloon. With light taps you can model the foam. You can also sprinkle some sand on your hands so the foam doesn't stick to your hands too much.

Step 4: Cover

Cover the foam with a piece of fabric for a matte and textured surface that creates a stone look. If you don't cover the foam, it will be shiny when dry. While covering the foam, you can also do the finshing touch of modeling the foam around the balloon. To make sure the bottom of the bowl is flat, so it doesn't slant, you can put something heavy and flat on the foam.

Step 5: Remove

When the foam is dry, you can pop the balloon. It should be easy to remove as the balloon is greased. The fabric is harder to remove, it will stick to the foam. Remove bit by bit by pulling the fabric gently from the foam. You can see the matte texture that the fabric leaves behind.

Step 6: Result

Make your garden set complete with the flower pots and fake stones.

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    6 years ago

    is it going to be last long? cos I'm gonna make this

    Great idea, looks like something from a magazine. And the succulent suits perfectly. Does it leave crumbles?