Introduction: Flightless

Finger kinetic art

When the finger bends the wings flap

Step 1: Gather Materials


-2+ feet of copper wire

-any type of rings (2 different sizes needed)


- metal strip (cut to size)

-eyelet pins

-wire cutter

Step 2: Build Base

-take metal strip and cut about a quarter of an inch wide and one and a half inches long

-with each end roll so that there is a hole large enough to where the copper wire can move freely

Step 3: Connect Base to Smaller Ring

-have an additional metal strip that is attached to the ring to attach the base with glue

-let sit over night, so it is fully dry

Step 4: Attach Copper Wire to Larger Ring

-cut two identical pieces of copper wire (they should be about one foot in length)

-wrap one of the copper wires around the ring so that they are the innermost wires

-wrap the other wire on the outside so that they are the outermost wires

Step 5: Attach Eyelet Pins

-slide eyelet pins between copper wire and ring to make an "x" with the eyelet pin facing the smaller ring

-slide the outermost copper wires through the eyelet pin so the wire ends up on top of the eyelet pin

Step 6: Attach Base to Copper Wire

--slide the base onto the two middle wires

Step 7: Add Feathers

-the length of the copper wire should be no more than two inches past your finger, so trim as necessary

-connect the middle wires to the inside tip of the feathers and attach the outside wires about an inch and a half away from the other wire

-to connect wire to the feather, wrap the copper wire around the feather

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    4 years ago

    This is very fun! Kids will love it!