Introduction: Flip Calendar

This instructable is for a perpetual month / date calendar with sentiments. It is 8.5" wide and 2.5" tall. Made of decorative paper, cardstock, chipboard/cardboard and Zutter wire O ring spine. A very well received gift for friends, family, and co-workers. You can embellish with your own free-style and include nice sentiments, emoji images, photographs, stamping, and even blank flips or cut up coloring pages for the recipient to fill in or color their own sentiments too.

Step 1: Flip Date Calendar - Supplies and Tools


1 - chipboard /non corrugated cardboard (I used a Rice Krispies box) corrugated cardboard will work too.

1 - decorative piece of paper or a decorative piece of scrapbook paper

3 - plain pieces of cardstock to contrast with the decorative paper

1 - roll of double sided tape, or a tape runner

1 - bottle of glue - white glue or wood glue either is fine

1 - Zutter or Cinch binding spines 3/4"


printer - (optional)

computer w/excel or word (optional)

paper trimmer

scoreboard or score pal


wire cutter

Zutter Bind-it-All or Cinch Binding machine

bone folder


spring clamps, clothes pins, or a couple rubber bands

Step 2: Flip Calendar - Making the Base


Cut chipboard (rice krispie box) to 8.5" x 7.5"

Cut decorative paper to 10.5" x 9.5"

Score the chipboard on the 7.5" short edge at 2.5", 3.75", & 5" so that score lines are parallel with the long 8.5" edge.

Zig-Zag fold the score lines.

Using the double sided tape, stick the decorative paper to the printed side of the chipboard and cut notches at the zig-zag folds. Cut the corners of the decorative paper diagonally and apply double sided tape along the edges of the paper. Fold the excess paper over to finish covering the chipboard.

Punch the top edges with the Zutter Bind-it-All (or Cinch) being sure to center the alignment. I used a ruler checking the center to 4.25" from left side and right side.

Glue the top edges together. Be careful with excess glue, you don't want to block the punched holes with glue. You can "clamp" together with a couple rubber bands, spring clamps, or clothespins.

Let the glue set up for about 10 minutes.

Trim the wire binder spine to match the number of holes and insert into the base.

Step 3: Flip Calendar - Making the Flip Cards and Final Assembly

calendar flip cards:

On the plain cardstock write or print your calendar months, numbers, and sentiments in 2" wide x 2.25" tall rectangles. You can use excel or word and a printer, or hand write them out. You can also cut and paste photos for sentiments, and include cut up coloring book pages, anything your imagination comes up with.

Punch the top edges of the strip and cut apart from the next strip below it. Repeat the punch and cut apart process on the remaining cardstock sheets.

Cut each rectangle apart and trim each to just under 2" wide.

Sort into four stacks in this order: Jan-Dec; 0-3; 1-0; and any order for your sentiments or photos.

the final assembly:

Prepare the Flip Calendar. Hang the flip cards onto the binder spines and hold in place by clipping a ruler over the flip cards so that when you have it upside down to close the O wires, the flip cards will stay in place. You can also use masking tape to temporarily hold down the flip cards.

Adjust the knob on the zutter bind-it-all to the size of the wire spines, insert the prepared Flip Calendar and close the spines (On the Zutter, the same lever is used to punch the holes - I don't know the Cinch machine).

Remove the finished Flip Calendar from the binding machine, turn right side up, remove the ruler or masking tape and you're done.

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