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Introduction: Flip-over Cover From a Cardboard Case

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At my daughter's birthday she got an electronic keyboard as a present. I wanted to have a flip-over cover for it. I thought to convert the cardboard case that it was packed in to make the cover.

Step 1: Materials Required

Cardboard box,
Tape of any kind,
Velcro strips

Step 2: Split

Split the box at the seams where it's joined.

Step 3: Cut Flanges

Cut the flanges of the broad end on both the sides.

Step 4: Identify Base and Lid

Identify the base and the lid part and cut cardboard piece attached to the lid

Step 5: Make the Side Wall

Stick the other two side flanges to the to the side wall and the side wall to the base on both the sides.

Step 6: Stick Velcro

Cut pieces of velcro and stick them at the appropriate place.

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