Flip Sign for Flat-panel Monitor

Introduction: Flip Sign for Flat-panel Monitor

How to make a flip sign for a flat panel computer monitor.

Full list of instructions attached below.

Step 1: Choose Sheets

Pick out green laminated sheets. Printed sheets will be bottom pieces--it's okay to have dirty specks. Sheets that are blank on both sides will be top pieces, and they need to be mostly clean on both sides.

Step 2: Trim and Cut

Trim off side with punched holes.

Cut in half (make two 5.5" x 8.5" pieces).

Separate into pieces with print (these will be bottoms) and pieces blank on both sides (these will be tops).

Step 3: Connect Pieces

Take one top and one bottom and clip them about 1" apart on both sides (outside the green on the thin stencils).

Connect the top and bottom with 2 strips of CLEAR 1.5"- 2" wide strapping tape: about 4 to 5" long. Turn the pieces over and do the same on the back, so that no sticky part is exposed.

Step 4: Cut Bottom

Use the thick stencil to mark a slit on both sides of the bottom piece. Cut with Xacto or scissors. It's okay if the slit is over the tape--that will provide reinforcement.

Step 5: Attach Signs

Print out the Login Required.doc file (attached below).

Trim signs close to borders.

Tape signs centered on the front and back of the top piece, oriented carefully.

Step 6: Cut Support

Cut the stiff plastic in half at the bottom of the "U".

Curve the long end over and staple at the bottom.

Step 7: Shape Support

Use the thick stencil to cut the base at an angle. The top of the angle should be on the side opposite the "L" tab.

Take the piece you just cut off, turn it over to match the angle of the base, and staple the sides separately to the outside of the base.

Step 8: Attach Support

Cut down the middle of the "L" tab to where it meets the base.

Bend these new tabs in opposite directions at 90-degrees to the base.

Bend the tabs back together, stick them through the slits in the bottom piece, so that the tabs come out on the printed side.

Bend the tabs flat on the bottom piece, and staple securely.

Step 9: Install on Monitor

Tape the bottom piece securely to the back of the flat-panel monitor using blue painter's tape (so it doesn't leave sticky residue).

Check that the signs are correct in the up and down positions.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    hi im looking at your instruatable but im wondering what its supposed to do... could someone please explain?


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Hi nf_x20-- These are instructions for staff in my library on how to make a 2-sided sign for our public computers. It's pretty specific to our situation and materials and not really meant for everybody, but instructables makes it so easy to put together, and you never know if somebody else might find the techniques useful. Hope this answers your questions, thanks!


    14 years ago on Introduction

    i was expecting a bit of tape and a peice of card. not this funky set-up with supports etc! very nice.